Wednesday, January 11, 2017

365 Photo Project

At the beginning of this year, 2017, I began a new photography project; specifically a 365 project. What it is is that throughout the year I will challenge myself to take at least one picture per day, work on it if needed, and then post it to my online portfolios and social media. The purpose is to not make excuses as to why I'm not taking pictures. It's also a challenge to see just how good or creative I can be. So far I've have succeeded in taking at least the one picture. Here they are, 11 so far.


Again, the purpose is just to be ACTIVE. It doesn't matter what the subject matter is. It can be anything. However, the idea is to try and make the picture as good as it can be. Is it interesting? Does it tell a story? Is the composition anything special? Etc.
I've set up an IFTTT applet (or script) so that when I post something to my FLICKR account it will post the same image to my 500px, Twitter, Facebook and website accounts as well. Automatically.
If you have a comment or opinion on this or anything else I present here, please leave me a message.

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