Friday, May 23, 2014

Group Shoot

A couple of weeks ago I trekked out to Upland, California. Mind you, I've lived in Southern California most of my life, but I had never had a reason to travel to this area. It's far! (About 50 miles!) Not terribly, but enough for me NOT to want to go there again. The reason I drove out there was Maidens in Paradise. This was a photographic group shoot of various Model Mayhem models hired to pose for some 30 photographers. The venue was someone's home; a nice, spacious house someone was kind enough to volunteer for events like this to take place. There were various "settings" available: a bedroom for "boudoir" style photographs, a bathroom with a large shower for, er, bathroom photos(?), a pool, a hot-tub, and various spots around a lovely yard. The models were all female, fitting, since most photographers were male; only one was female. Most of the models were, of course, young and very attractive. I must admit it was bit weird. When I drove up to the house and entered, I encountered a large group of mostly retirement-age men. Two of which were the organizers of the event, the rest "regulars" to these sort of events. There was a lot of photographic equipment. Cameras, lights and strobes of all shapes and sizes. After payment (about $80) we proceeded towards the back yard. Soon, a couple of girls in swimwear and/or lingerie started to mingle with some of the photographers and soon situated themselves in some part of the house. Shutters quickly began to be clicked and the models shuffled through poses after volleys of shutters died down and started up again. As the models began to run out of poses, they began to disrobe and cycle through the set of poses again. As weird as this sounds, it actually felt like a typical life drawing class… if you've never attended one, well, I suggest you do. It's a little weird the first time, but then you get over it. The models were actually very cool. Very friendly and seeking your approval and guidance. I noticed this when I began praising them for nice pose or smile. Any way, I walked away with two thoughts… one, I enjoyed taking pictures. I enjoyed having subjects to take pictures of. And I've enjoyed going through the many pictures I took and finding "treasures" I was not aware of. Here are some that I liked:
I approached my pictures initially as a study in portraits. After all, the girls very pretty, I thought they'd make great portraits. I hoped that some of the pictures I could "conceptualize" in some manner. Here's one that I thought would look cool with "wings."
Dark Angel
I hope to able to do some fun, creative things with at least a few more of other pictures.

The second thought I came away with was what to do with all the nude pictures I took. It wasn't like I asked the models at some point to get nude… they just… did. And, since I was there to take pictures, I did. When I got home I found myself dumfounded. It looked as if I had gone to a Playboy shoot. I was a bit shocked, felt a bit pervy, but not ashamed since it was through no fault of my own (rather inexperience with these events) that I ended up with these images. I made these as tasteful as I could of course.
What do I do with this?
This previous images is a case in point. I got a relatively well lit shot, basic composition, beautiful model, interesting setting, and a nice set of… "cans." I mean, if I was in the nudie magazine business I'd probably know what to do, but seeing as I'm not, I'm at a loss. Could I take a few of these and call them "Fine Art" perhaps? Maybe if I turned them black and white with a little vignetting?
Fine Art… right?
There. Is that better now? Less "real life," more "artsy?" I don't know.

For my next outing, I hope perhaps, with a little better planning, there'll be an actual concept or theme. Perhaps some costuming or props or interesting setting. Like I said, I really had fun running around taking pictures and I'm really glad some actually turned out ok. And as much as I like a nude pretty girl, I realize some pictures there's not too much I can do with.

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  1. Hmmmm... interesting. You did a good job cleaning up, lighting, and shooting your photos!